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How we help your business fight back against Covid 19, and once again take control.

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to repurpose our business in order to support businesses that are either still operating, or those preparing to re-emerge once the lockdowns are eased and then lifted.

As the lockdown changes how we live, how we think and how we interact, we must prepare for the future.

The rules of social or work engagement may never be the same again. We need to think what that means to our businesses and how we allay the potential fears of our people as they continue to work, or plan to return to work.

People who are comfortable in the knowledge that their employer is doing all they can to promote continued well being, will be less stressed and therefore more productive and less likely to stay off work.

There are concerns across the world about reinfection rates after any lockdown is lifted. This uncertainty will add to the fears of our people.

We give you the ability to offer another strong strand of comfort for your people. As they witness the care and thought you extend to them, as their lives change before their eyes, in an ever evolving environment, they will take great heart in the fact that they are valued and that their contribution matters.

Ensuring that the physical and mental well being of our people is upper most in our daily routine will now be at the forefront of their expectations.

Thousands of people have added to the NHS team effort to support their communities. Careers, key workers, shop staff, food delivery people, as well as those unseen behind the scenes people keeping us all alive.

There are businesses out there that have to stay open, to keep the country moving.

Service industries like Gas, Electricity, Telecommunications, Water etc.

Food warehouses, food delivery logistical teams, pickers and packers throughout the U.K.

Whilst we applaud these people and pay tribute to their bravery, we can do more to help them.

As business leaders, of large or small companies, we can offer you added protection for your valued and essential employees.

Offices and buildings

Within the work environment, whilst we can adopt many forms of social distancing, there are areas that force people closer. These areas are typically the essential amenities of washrooms and toilet facilities.

The surfaces within these areas are usually hard, such as plastics and tiles. Covid 19 can live on the surfaces. One aspect that has been unclear is exactly how long Sars-CoV-2, the name of the virus that causes the disease Covid-19, can survive outside the human body. Some studies on other coronaviruses, including Sars and Mers, found they can survive on metal, glass and plastic for as long as nine days, unless they are properly disinfected. Some can even hang around for up to 28 days in low temperatures. We can therefore assume that Covid 19 is no different.

Door handles, taps, towel machines etc. The list is endless but any hard surface has the potential to tread the virus.

With the best will in the world, people cannot manage these facilities as part of their normal routine. This means we could be putting our valued people at a higher risk.

Daily / nightly “ FOGGING “ of these areas can greatly reduce such risks, as our process can kill coronaviruses , but more importantly allows the space to be reused very quickly.

Transport and vehicles

Vehicles, large or small, used for transport of people or goods can quickly and easily be made virus free, and reusable within a short space of time.

Fleet vehicles such as ambulances can be made virus free within minutes, and reusable by the time patients are registered at A&E departments.

Large fleet wagons that deliver supplies to our shops and supermarkets are another example.

So are Smaller vehicles like those used by our service industries

Cars used to deliver food to communities, or sick people to hospitals should be made virus free on a very regular basis.

Whilst social distancing is playing a massive part in slowing the spread of the virus, we still have no idea how many infected people live among us, who display no symptoms, but are inadvertently spreading the virus.

Without the ability to test all of our people on a very regular basis, the next step in the war against the virus is a structured approach to managing the spread via touch as opposed to just airborne particles.

We now offer the following essential services:-

Offices, shops, retail space, workplaces and vehicles disinfected using fogging processes that contain a virucidal component that conforms to EN Standards – EN1276 / EN1650.

Rapid Kill to log 6 – 99.9999% effective instantly.

We Use A Bleach Free – Virucidal- Anti-Virus disinfectant spray to disinfect common virus such as Noro Virus, HIV HBV, HCV, BVDV. Effective coronavirus membrane virus

Virus disinfection with a residual protection, highly suitable for any virus spread by fomite transmission such as Covid-19.

Our disinfectant is suitable for hand spray, pressure sprayers, cold wet/damp fogging/ fumigation.

Kills most membrane virus in 2 minutes ( but we recommend 5 minute wet contact time) and leaves an anti-static residual protection.

Particularly effective for virus spread by fomite transmission, such as cold, flu, Norovirus inc Sars and Mers

Remember, besides our duty of care to our people, we also have a social, moral and ethical responsibility towards them too.

For more information, technical advice, prices and availability, please call our dedicated Covid-19 line – 07702 005472

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