Pest Control

We offer services to deal with rodents and bird pests for both residential and commercial customers.

Noises in the Attic

Noises in the attic are worrying and can be an indication that rodents or other wildlife may be living in your roof.

Attics (lofts) are ideal environments for squirrels and rodents, who damage stored items by gnawing and possibly cause fire hazards by chewing electric cabling.

Noises should be investigated quickly,nests and droppings become ideal breeding sites for insects, which may then carry nasty bugs and diseases into your home.

Inspect your attic and look for visible signs of habitation, commonly their droppings.

Rats & Mice in The Attic

It is extremely serious if rats or mice get into your home, even if not in a living area.  Any rat or mouse problem inside the home must be treated urgently.

Proofing your loft space is an effective way of preventing entry, the infestation must be treated first.

How to Get Rid of Birds in The Attic

Pigeons or other birds in the attic create mess, health risks and annoying noise.

Birds should be removed and the entry points need to be blocked, using chicken wire or a solid barrier. It is possible to proof the exterior of your building from pigeons and other birds using spikes, wire systems or netting.

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