D Lewis Construction Sand Blasting

What Is Sand Blasting?

Grit blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material under high pressure against a surface to clean or modify its surface properties. The abrasive material is contained either in a stream of compressed air (dry blasting) or water (wet blasting).

Here at KUE Group we use a wide variety of abrasives dependent on the client’s specification and surface finish required and / or the subsequent activity. Commonly used abrasives are Garnet, Chilled Iron Grit, Steel Grit, Aluminium Oxide, Glass Beads and Crushed Glass all of which remove old coatings, mill scale, rust, heat scale and contaminants from the substrate preparing it for subsequent coating, lining, welding or NDT.

The abrasive and pressure are selected to prepare a surface to meet your demands depending on your application, call today to discuss your requirements.


  • Furnace tube cleaning for efficiency or inspection
  • Prepare turbine rotors, blades and components for efficiency or NDT
  • Prepare substrates for coating, lining or painting
  • Clean substrates for inspection
  • Improve coating, lining or paint adhesion



Building Work


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